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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my case cost me?
This is a very fact-sensitive question which requires a consultation. As soon as I am able to ascertain how much work is necessary to represent you, I will be able to quote you a retainer or fee that fits your set of facts.

How is Child Support calculated?
Child Support is calculated by the number of days each parent has the child(ren) in his/her custody and the respective incomes of each parent. The calculation of income can be complicated by a number of factors that may require litigation or agreement to resolve.

What factors does the Court use to determine who gets custody?
There are innumerable factors that a Court uses to determine a custody arrangement and this is an area where many people have misconceptions. This would require discussion about your specific situation in a consultation.

Can I file for Divorce on my own?
Yes you can. You can go by either district courthouse in San Juan County for a “pro se packet” which costs a small fee. This can be risky if there are retirements, houses, businesses or other complications involved. Often times, I consult with individuals that have attempted to do their divorce on their own and they get a “corrected filings form” back indicating something was filed wrong. Eventually it takes an attorney to fix it which may cost more than if an attorney was hired originally.

What kind of cases do you do?
I do a variety of family law type cases such as Paternity actions, Divorces, Grandparent Right’s cases, Restraining Orders and Guardianships. I also do any kind of criminal cases, including felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic tickets.

Can we settle my case out of Court?
Often in family law cases, there is a lot of negotiation that goes on and if all goes well, the case can be settled out of Court depending on the level of animosity and contention between the parties.

I just got served. Included in what I got served was a Request for Production of Documents and Interrogatories. Do I have to provide all that information?
If you get served with these documents you should begin to gather all the information that you can. An attorney can tell you what objections you can make to certain questions and perhaps avoid providing certain information depending on the request or question. These are typical in domestic/family law cases and if you hire an attorney your attorney will likely propound the same type of questions and requests to the other party.

What happens if my ex is not paying me what he/she is supposed to according the Court Order?
You would want to file a Motion for Order to Show Cause. You can do that on your own or you can ask an attorney to help you. This essentially requests the Court to Order that the other party appear before the Court and state the reason why payment isn’t happening. The Court then determines whether the party will be held in contempt and possibly sanctioned.

What if I lost my job and can’t pay child support?
You want to immediately file a Motion to Modify Child Support and begin gathering proof of all the places you are applying to show that you are not under-employing yourself. It will make a difference whether you voluntarily quit or whether you were fired for cause. Nevertheless it is important to speak with an attorney about the details of your situation and determine how to approach your case best.
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